An Egg-cellent Vegan Secret


I have been meat and poultry free for 6 years, and gave up fish about 5 years ago. I have never gone truly vegan, although I lessen the amount of animal byproducts as much as I can. To some people, that makes me “just as bad as a meateater” and to some people, what I do makes some sort of difference. I feel comfortable with where I am at, but recognize that at some point I may feel compelled to cut out the occasional egg, whole milk ice cream that’s given to me, or honey.

I replace eggs and dairy often. One thing that cannot really be replaced is that real egg taste- the one that tastes good but smells like dog farts. This taste is notable in hardboiled and deviled eggs.

One day, the geniuses over at Lagusta’s Luscious,  who always surprise my tastebuds with vegan delicacies that really don’t need the word “vegan” as a qualifier (“This is an amazing chocolate/macaron!” is all that needs to be said, not really “This is an amazing VEGAN chocolate/macaron!” because no one is going to have one of their treats and say “This is pretty great for a VEGAN treat!”), posted a recipe for Vegan Deviled Eggs. 

Yes, you read that right. That picture at the top of this post? You’ll notice the egg looks a little funny. Bubbly. That’s probably because I whisked too hard. But there are no animal products in that egg. Here, have a closer look:


You can follow the link to their recipe, but the crowning jewel in this recipe is an indian salt called “Kala Namak.”


Kala Namak has sulphur in it, which makes it stink, and taste, like eggs. And true enough, those deviled eggs tasted spot on. I chopped some up and made egg salad out of them, and that was amazing too.

This morning, I made myself a tofu scramble for breakfast, and used Kala Namak instead of salt. Sure enough, it tasted just like scrambled eggs!

I bought my salt from The Spice Lab @ Amazon. If you are vegan, vegetarian looking to be more vegan, or just someone who enjoys culinary creativity, grab some salt, hold your nose, and get going! I make a lot of Vegan Frittatas in the spring and summer and I suspect this will work its way into the recipes.


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