And the Winner is…



As mentioned awhile back, I couldn’t have been more excited that the film I edited, Greystone Rising, was selected as an official selection for the NYC Drone Film Festival. I met Jody on site at Greystone. She already had an editor for the project, but I wanted in. When my grandmother fell and broke her hip in NYC while visiting us, I sat in the hospital playing with some of her footage. We both quickly realized that we had the same vision, and created something I am very proud of. The icing on the cake was some spoken audio provided by interviews done by our friends at Antiquity Echoes. The result was amazing:

This was the first time I got to see something I did (outside of student projects in college..) on the big screen. Dave joined me at the Director’s Guild Theatre, where we were met by Jody and Mike, Christina and Rusty of Antiquity Echoes, Robert, who is a huge friend to the preservation movement, and Robert Kirkbride, a descendant of Thomas Story Kirkbride and another advocate for the preservation of these beautiful buildings.


Our film filled up the screen and everyone was quiet as Greystone came back to life. Then, they announced the winner.

It was a wonderful moment for all of us. Every person in our group played their part in trying to physically save the building, or, saving it in some non-tangible way, whether through art or advocacy, entertainment or education, books, films, lectures. In a way, we (and I’m including a vast number of people I was lucky enough to meet who were not in this room!) really did bring Greystone back in a way.

By the way, Rusty and Christina have a book coming out about Greystone in a few months, its available for preorder at amazon. I expect it to be an amazing tour of the history, both good and bad, and the preservation attempts. I’ll also have a photo in there. If you are at all interested in Greystone, or scratch your head and wonder why I spent so much time staring at a building last summer in particular, please support my friends and preorder this book:

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (Images of America)



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